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The Radio piece is mainly about Movies especially film festivals. We wanted to find out if major film festival like “Oscar” is commercial or not, so we have asked cinema experts in ¨Filmoteca de Catalunya “about their opinions since they deal with cinema in an educational approach.

2014-06-20 Mahytab Ossama, Areeg Hosny

The radio program is dealing with the World Cup since it is one of the most important subjects these days. To make it more relevant we interviewed some people to figure out what ”World cup” means to them but also to have their opinions about what they think Brazil gained and what they lost by hosting such a huge event. For some of them it meant nothing at all but for others it meant such a big thing. Concerning what Brazil gained and lost, the majority think that it was not a great idea for Brazil to welcome the World Cup in their country this year as they have other major problems to take into consideration and take care of.

2014-06-20 Nadeen Talaat El-Alfy, Farida Ahmed Hussein

2014-06-17 Editor

In an effort to have an intercultural debate about Freedom, the Radio Team has brought together a very diverse panel to explore different sides of this concept in the world. What are the limits of freedom in different countries? Do they depend on genre, social status or religion? How free is the media in other regions of the world? You can listen to different perspectives on these and many other questions about freedom from our very diverse panel, made up by:

- Professor Chido, African center for media and information literacy.
- Noha Ashraf, journalism student from Egypt. Laura Cervi, Italian, professor in the Journalism Department of UAB.
- Santiago Giraldo, PhD and Researcher in political communications.
- Romeya Mubarak, 16yo student from Qatar interested in Journalism.

2013-06-21 Round Table Team

As much as an universal topic that Freedom is, this often taken-for-granted word is understood in different ways by different cultures. In this international summer week, the Radio Team has gone out and about asking participants from all sorts of nationalities about the meaning of Freedom for them and for their culture. Is it similar to yours?

2013-06-21 Reporting Team

Romeya Mubarak is a 16 year-old girl from Qatar who came to the MILID Summer week unsure of what to become in the future. After an intensive week working in the radio department, she has made up her mind: She wants to become a journalist. How possible does she think this is for a girl her age in Qatar?

2013-06-21 Radio Team